Built from the Ground up for Cost-Sensitive Applications

Like Altera's highly successful first-generation 130-nm Cyclone® FPGA family, 90-nm Cyclone II FPGAs are built from the ground up for low cost and to provide a customer-defined feature set for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications. Cyclone II FPGAs deliver high performance and low power consumption at a cost that rivals that of ASICs.

Cyclone II FPGAs are supported by the easy-to-use and free Quartus® II Web Edition design software (no license required), a broad catalog of intellectual property (IP), and hardware development kits to enable rapid development of low-cost FPGA solutions.

Designers needing lower costs, more density, and functionality for high-volume applications can take advantage of more advanced device families in this series. These newer Cyclone families strengthen Altera's leadership position in solutions for high-volume, low-cost applications.

Customer-Defined Feature Set

You can use Cyclone II FPGAs alone or as a digital signal processing (DSP) solution and, when a Nios® II processor is implemented, Cyclone II FPGAs provide a cost-effective embedded processing solution. Cyclone II FPGAs provide a wide range of density, memory, embedded multiplier, and packaging options in a customer-defined FPGA feature set optimized for low-cost applications.

Cyclone II FPGAs also support a wide range of common external memory interfaces and I/O protocols common in low-cost applications. Plus, you'll find parameterizable intellectual property (IP) cores make using Cyclone II FPGA interfaces and protocols easy.

Get Started Now with Free Software & Resources

Learn more about Altera® Cyclone II FPGAs and start your next design now. The following resources are available from Altera and ecosystem partners to get you started designing with confidence.

Altera End-Market Solutions

Cyclone II devices are perfect for a wide array of high-volume end-market solutions, such as automotive, communications, consumer, video processing, and test and measurement.

Download reference designs, system diagrams, and IP to help you deliver complete end-market solutions fast.