Your Optimal Solution for Cost-Sensitive Applications

Altera's Cyclone® FPGAs are built from the ground up for low cost. With embedded memory, external memory interfaces, and clock management circuitry, Cyclone FPGAs are an optimal solution for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications.

Take the initiative now with immediate access to all necessary tools—you can start designing for Cyclone FPGAs today. Altera's popular Nios® II embedded processor and intellectual property (IP) portfolio are available for development with Cyclone FPGAs. You can also download the customer-acclaimed Quartus® II Web Edition software now for free, and no license required.

For System Integration

Designers needing lower costs, more density, and functionality for high-volume applications can take advantage of more advanced device families in this series. These newer Cyclone families strengthen Altera's leadership position in solutions for high-volume, low-cost applications.

A Low-Cost Alternative to ASICs

Cyclone FPGAs provide a low-cost alternative for the next generation of applications currently using ASICs. As a system designer, you face many challenges, including increasing cost pressures and design complexity, emerging standards, and shrinking design cycles. ASIC development involves extensive engineering resources, design simulation, and verification with multiple re-spins. With its system-level integration capabilities, Cyclone FPGAs eliminate the costly NRE charges, minimum ordering quantities, and product-delay risks that are associated with ASICs. With Cyclone FPGAs, you now have a near-price-parity programmable solution (as compared to ASICs) for your high-volume requirements.

Enabling New Markets & Applications

New market trends, such as worldwide standards, platform convergence, interactivity, and improved technology, continue to drive the need for cost-effective solutions. Cyclone FPGAs offer the price points and functionality necessary for markets where innovation is key and being first to market determines leadership. Consumer, communications, computer peripheral, industrial, and automotive markets are all using Cyclone FPGAs in low-cost, high-volume applications.

Cyclone Performance Features

Cyclone FPGA performance rivals that of the industry's fastest FPGAs. Created with a balance of logic, memory, phase-locked loops (PLLs), and advanced I/O interfaces, Cyclone FPGAs are the answer for price-sensitive applications. Cyclone FPGAs offer: