Military COTS

Intel works closely with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) board partners to assure that customers can easily deploy the latest validated intellectual property (IP) onto proven production boards to lower system design and schedule risk when implementing complex high-performance systems. We can help with board and mezzanine-card selection to meet specific needs, device-type requirements, and design-time constraints. Our COTS partner ecosystems encompass development software for hardware and FPGA interfaces that utilize advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) and high-level languages. Our COTS partner ecosystems use Intel® Quartus® Prime software along with DSP Builder Advanced Blockset for board design implementation as well as proprietary Intel and third-party software.

Intel's military COTS board partners include:

Annapolis Micro Systems Annapolis is a world leader in FPGA-based COTS boards, targeting high I/O bandwidth computationally intensive problems, such as radar, SIGINT, digital signal processing, encryption, and image processing, with exceptional application development support. Annapolis has COTS hardware and software solutions for OpenVPX, VME/VXS, PCIe, and AMC and the highest density, largest selection of interface cards: A/Ds, D/As, Ethernet/Infiniband. The12.5Gb and 14Gb transceivers and the 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb IP on Stratix® V devices help to lay the foundation for our WILD OpenVPX Ecosystem, with chassis, special high-speed backplanes, FPGA-based processing boards, switch solutions, and storage cards. For more information, visit 
BittWare BittWare designs and deploys high-end signal processing board-level solutions that significantly reduce technology risk and time-to revenue for its OEM customers. BittWare's solutions leverage the latest FPGA technology from Intel and the Anemone FPGA co-processing chip, which reduces FPGA power and complexity by hosting C language aspects of a signal processing application. Products are based on industry standard COTS form factors including PCIe*, AMC, VPX / OpenVPX, VME / VXS, CompactPCI, PCI, XMC, FMC (VITA 57), and PMC. When power and space-constrained challenges make it difficult to use industry-standard boards, BittWare can provide modified solutions, licensed designs, and/or chip-level products. For more info on BittWare’s FPGA solutions, visit
Colorado Engineering Inc. (CEI) CEI offers best-in-class C-SWaP solutions for radar, C4ISR, EW, SIGINT, communications, and networking. CEI’s out-of-the-box 3DR technology enables modular, scalable embedded computing with 3D mesh connectivity between Intel FPGA processing elements for unparalleled throughput, performance, and flexibility. In conjunction with CEI’s data conversion technologies supporting multi-GHz of bandwidth, users can rapidly combine 3DR modules to create digital waveform generators, digital receivers, and signal processors for a variety of remote sensing and communication systems. CEI’s cross-discipline engineering experience in RF, digital, software, and system design provides a high level of application expertise to help customers realize optimal solutions ranging from traditional small form factors to COTS 3DR to full custom approaches. For more information, visit
GiDEL GiDEL is one of the market leaders in providing innovative COTS and application-specific solutions for high-performance, real-time signal processing and I/O applications. For over 15 years, GiDEL’s cutting edge reconfigurable products have addressed OEM needs from prototype to production and span a variety of industry-standard platforms, including short PCI, full size PCI, PCI Express*, PCIe-104 , Mezzanine, modified COTS and low profile PCIe. For more information on GiDEL’s FPGA solutions, visit
Mercury Systems Mercury Systems provides commercially developed, open sensor and Big Data processing systems, software and services for critical commercial, defense and intelligence applications. Mercury delivers innovative solutions, rapid time-to-value and world-class service and support to our prime contractor customers. Mercury Systems has worked on over 300 programs, including Aegis, Patriot, SEWIP, Gorgon Stare and Predator/Reaper. The company’s innovative capabilities span three strategic areas: Mercury Commercial Electronics, Mercury Defense Systems and Mercury Intelligence Systems. For more information on Mercury System’s FPGA solutions, visit
Nallatech For more than twenty years, Nallatech has provided hardware, software, and design services to enable customer’s success in FPGA-accelerated applications including real-time embedded computing, high-performance computing, and network processing. Today Nallatech utilizes latest-generation FPGAs to dramatically increase performance-per-watt over traditional computing architectures, while leveraging high-level design tools including OpenCL to reduce time to market. For SWaP constrained applications, Nallatech works with our parent company, to provide rugged, miniaturized FPGA systems. For more information on Nallatech’s FPGA solutions, visit
Parsec Parsec develops and produces customized electronic subsystems and products for clients in the defence, industrial and telecommunications sectors. Parsecs VF360 is a 3U Open VPX module that leverages Stratix® V FPGAs technology to provide an ultra-high bandwidth processing platform, ideally suited for computation and bandwidth intensive applications such as radar, networking, SIGINT, electronic warfare, software defined radio, and video. Parsec partners with clients to provide start-to-finish solutions over the product life cycle, optimal sub-systems or products, while enhancing and leveraging its offerings through re-usability and use of its own intellectual property. For more information on Parsec’s FPGA solutions, visit
Per Vices

Per Vices builds flexible radio platforms designed to satisfy the needs of a diverse customer base at the best possible value. Our high-bandwidth software defined radio products operate across broad frequency ranges, and have supported the most demanding applications required by defence and telecommunications customers.

Our use of Intel FPGAs allows our products to transparently substitute for, and bridge the communication between, different wireless devices. This enables us to build tactical signals intelligence products that provide operators with the means to address the self-organizational capabilities afforded by modern communications infrastructure, without compromising strategic signals intelligence requirements. Our application agnostic technology provides powerful communications, signals intelligence, and (counter) electronic warfare capabilities offering a means to secure communications, surveil ambient wireless signals, and suppress objectionable sources. For more information, visit

Reflex CES ReFLEX CES is an ISO 9001 company designing and manufacturing custom embedded and complex systems for industrial companies, military, and governmental organizations. The company specializes in Modified-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) solutions. They also offer a complete portfolio of COTS boards, and several Instant-Development Kits for prototyping or production usages. Solutions delivered include: CPU, processing or acquisition boards or complete chassis (openVPX, VPX, CPCI, COMExpress, ETX, PCIe...), high-speed data recorders, FPGA SoC, ASIC prototyping platforms. Their technology expertise covers: FPGA & SoC, CPU and embedded software/OS, state of the art PCB routing and board design, rugged equipment/system integration and qualification (EMC, ESD, temperature, shock, vibration, humidity). For more information, visit